5 WWE SummerSlam Opponents For Brock Lesnar

5 Potential WWE SummerSlam Opponents For Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s opponent for Summerslam 2018 is all set to be revealed on Thursday’s Night episode of Smackdown, and with top stars like AJ Styles and John Cena locked into high-profile feuds, this is one of those times where Lesnar’s next foe is far from obvious.

SummerSlam Opponents For Brock Lesnar
SummerSlam Opponents For Brock Lesnar

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Lesnar’s opponent will be announced just a few days before his big fight at UFC 200. It seems like that wwe wants to reveal lesnar’s opponent prior to his fight with Mark Hunt. In other words, it’s the company’s way of saying “Don’t worry, Lesnar will be at SummerSlam” even if his credibility and momentum both take a hit at arguably UFC’s biggest show ever.

With the announcement coming prior to WWE’s next pay-per-view Battleground, however, there really aren’t that many clear-cut favorites for “The Beast Incarnate’s” big SummerSlam opponent. Will it be someone he’s already feuded with in the past? Will it be someone he’s never faced? Or will it be another part-timer?

Let’s take a look at five potential SummerSlam opponents for Lesnar, whose opponent will be revealed on this week’s SmackDown.

Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Bálor

It become the healthy that was intended to be and the in shape that finn bálor deserved. Allegedly the plan for months become for finn to project brock lesnar for the wwe popular championship on the royal rumble 2018, however those plans in the end changed.

Seemingly, vince mcmahon thinks finn is just too bland and believes that finn isn’t over sufficient with the wwe universe, in spite of his weekly huge pop from the live audience. Finn and brock may not suit-up physically on paper, however the demon king can have a good fit with pretty much all and sundry.

If ‘being over’ become at all of the problem here, which i do not accept as true with, then it’s miles kind of tough to be that over while you are left off numerous pay-in keeping with-view’s, have a cross nowhere feud with a currently debuted elias, an overbooked some distance too lengthy and weird feud with bray wyatt and lose to a 50 yr antique like kane if you want to make him look robust. And all of this took place when the plan turned into to have him face brock. Finn bálor couldn’t have been over right here because wwe’s booking changed into not over here.

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Brock Lesnar vs. Aleister Black

Now this one is the least probably to appear because of aleister black being the current nxt champion, but it isn’t always impossible both. Aleister black is pretty likely the nice wrestler in all of nxt at the moment. The winner of the nxt male competitor of the yr award is one of the hardest superstars in latest reminiscence and commands both admire and worry upon his entrance.

I cannot see this fit occurring before lesnar leaves but at the identical time, it isn’t completely not possible. Aleister may want to make his way to the principle roster someday before summerslam, and that i cannot consider a higher way to get him over with the casual fans than for him and brock to have what would be an thrilling fit complete of brawls and kicks, that would see brock lesnar, fade to black.


Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre

After being jobbed out for the last couple of years of his first wwe run, the former 3mb rocker drew mcintyre again to the UK unbiased scene in 2014, where he could help revitalize the scene, in addition to be part of impact wrestling, in which he would emerge as a prime event player and world heavyweight champion.

Drew, now one of the best inside the international, made a marvel return to wwe in 2017, becoming a member of the nxt brand and quick became nxt champion. Following numerous months at the bench with an harm, drew returned to the primary roster this beyond april, forming an thrilling duo with dolph ziggler.

His tandem with ziggler, even though a success to this point in their win/loss report, has yet to choose up steam inside the foremost event scene. As of this writing, dolph is taking part in every other run as wwe intercontinental champion, so what’s subsequent for drew?

The 2 can be last a crew, with with any luck some foremost occasion suits to return very soon, and that i can’t think of a better one, for drew, then a championship healthy with brock lesnar. Drew is the destiny of wwe. He has all the talent and talent within the international, is plausible in his position as each a face and heel and tall and muscular enough to look like a physical risk to brock lesnar. The feud and capability win would do wonders for drew (and dolph) and take them right to the pinnacle, in which they belong.

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Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

Especially there has simplest been one one-on-one healthy among brock lesnar and seth rollins, and there has been no decisive winner.

The 2 battles for rollins wwe championship at wwe battleground in 2015, simplest to be interrupted via a returning undertaker, inflicting a dq ruling in favour of lesnar. Brock and taker might feud, rollins could get injured and surrender his championship, and ever due to the fact that lesnar became general champion, rollins is one of the remaining massive names in wwe who has but to venture the beast for the large purple belt.

The battleground match between them was decent on the time, going simply nine minutes, but rollins wasn’t given plenty leeway in displaying what he ought to do towards lesnar. Seth has most effective turn out to be even better for the reason that then, and will without problems provide lesnar a run for his money. After his string of stable wwe intercontinental championship matches and 65-minute gauntlet overall performance on raw in advance this yr, rollins merits to transport up to stand brock.

With rollins now not intercontinental champion, what higher feud to transport onto than with the beast?

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Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

Bobby lashley has desired to face brock lesnar for more than 10 years now. All through an interview he had with tna in 2009, lashley stated his primary aim become to ‘get within the ring with brock‘, and in current years, back when it appeared like he would not be leaving impact wrestling every time quickly, he even advised a ”move-promotional component”, between impact and wwe, so they may have the match.

Other than his freakish physic and beyond history as a multi-time international champion, bobby is also an appropriate candidate to defeat brock lesnar for the big crimson belt at summerslam because he is an exceptionally professional athlete for his size, who has competed in a number of the excellent fits in effect wrestling records as well as a handful of solid encounters throughout his previous wwe run. Bobby additionally has a miles more marvelous mma record over brock, presently at 15–2 with bellator mma, with the capability of extra fights within the future.


Bobby lashley could defeat brock lesnar for the prevalent championship, and it would be very believable, as he could also defeat brock lesnar, instantly up, inside the octagon.

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